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Andrew warren

(1823 - 1873)

Andrew Warren


An extraordinarily gifted yet-little known artist, Andrew Warren was a masterful practitioner of John Ruskin’s Pre-Raphaelite teachings. The nature poetry of William Cullen Bryant set the framework for America’s rapid and thorough acceptance of this highly detailed, reverential view of nature that flourished from the late 1850s through the mid 1860s. The moral virtues popularized by Thoreau’s Walden became the accepted aesthetic for landscape artists: “they were expected to assume the role of botanists and geologists, able to render convincingly specific species of flowers, grasses and trees.” 1 When I bought this painting from a private dealer/ conservator around 1996, I knew the artist’s name purely on the strength of seeing one example, entitled Long Island Homestead, Study from Nature, 1859, in a book on Long Island painters. I had virtually never seen a Warren in the flesh, so to speak. But I knew this little piece, dated the same year and on a wood panel, related directly to the larger example. I had yet to see another real example of the artist’s work until very recently when a small piece, thought to be Mount Desert, turned up at a minor auction. Oh, that most often repeated theme in American art… “Where are all the rest?”

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