Alfred Thompson Bricher Information and Inventory

Alfred Thompson Bricher

(1837 - 1908)

Alfred T. Bricher


Passionate collectors in all fields will always have a list of specific items they should own, in order to have a well-rounded or complete collection. My awareness of artists, schools, periods, etc., is no different. A. T. Bricher, the important 19th-century marine painter, is such an artist. I always knew and appreciated where he fit in the canon of Hudson River School artists, yet I never quite stepped up to a really significant example.

Bricher was largely self-taught and his concentratio is marine and landscape paintings.  Some of his best work was done in the 1870s – 80s when he spent several summers painting on the coasts of Massachusetts, Maine (Monhegan), Rhode Island (187-1876), Long Island and especially Southampton.

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