Sell Your Fine Art

Should you be considering selling a work of art or a collection, please contact us online for a confidential consultation, or Email Dan McDougall at with the following information:

  • Artist
  • Title
  • Size
  • Medium
  • Date
  • Frame
  • Condition
  • Acquisition details
  • Image of the piece
You may also mail this information to us directly at:

McDougall Fine Arts
2B Heron Circle
Gloucester, MA 01930

We look forward to hearing from you.

Artists Wanted To Buy

For more information on fine art we're interested in buying, click on a category below. If you have something not on this list from American Impressionist oil paintings and watercolors to modern art, please send us an image for review.

American Fine Art 19th and 20th Centuries
Other Areas of Interest:
  • Western and Southwestern Artists
  • Wildlife Artists
  • Native American Artists
  • American Sculptors

General overview quick list:
  • Benson, Frank Weston
  • Berninghaus, Oscar Edmund
  • Bischoff, Franz Arthur
  • Braun, Maurice
  • Breck, John Leslie
  • Brown, Benjamin Chambers
  • Bunker, Dennis Miller
  • Butler , Theodore Earl
  • Carlsen, Emil (Soren Emil)
  • Carlson, John Fabian
  • Cassatt, Mary Stevenson
  • Chadwick, William
  • Chase, William Merritt
  • Clark, Alson Skinner
  • Cooper, Colin Campbell
  • Cucuel, Edward Alfred
  • Curran, Charles Courtney
  • DeCamp, Joseph Rodefer
  • Dewing, Thomas Wilmer
  • Dixon , Maynard ( Lafayette Maynard)
  • Dufner, Edward
  • Enneking, John Joseph
  • Fechin, Nicolai Ivanovich
  • Frieseke, Frederick Carl
  • Gamble, John Marshall
  • Garber, Daniel
  • Gaspard , Leon Shulman
  • Gilbert, Arthur Hill
  • Gile, Selden Connor
  • Glackens, William James
  • Goodwin, Arthur Clifton
  • Gray, Percy (Henry Percy)
  • Hale, Lilian Westcott
  • Hale, Philip Leslie
  • Hansen, Armin Carl
  • Hassam, Childe (Frederick)
  • Higgins, Victor
  • Homer, Winslow
  • Hunt, William Morris
  • Inness, George
  • Kleitsch, Joseph
  • Laurence, Sydney Mortimer
  • Lawson, Ernest
  • Major, Ernest Lee
  • Maurer, Alfred Henry
  • Metcalf, Willard Leroy
  • Miller, Richard Emil (Edward)
  • Nourse, Elizabeth
  • Nuse, Roy Cleveland
  • Onderdonk, Julian (Robert Julian)
  • Paxton, William McGregor
  • Payne, Edgar Alwin
  • Perry, Lilla Cabot
  • Peterson, Jane (Jennie)
  • Picknell, William Lamb
  • Potthast, Edward Henry
  • Prendergast, Maurice Brazil
  • Puthuff, Hanson Duvall
  • Raphael, Joseph Morris
  • Redfield, Edward Willis
  • Redmond, Granville Seymour
  • Ritman, Louis
  • Robinson, Theodore
  • Rose, Guy Orlando
  • Sargent, John Singer
  • Schofield, Walter Elmer
  • Smith, Jack Wilkinson
  • Spencer, Robert
  • Steele, Theodore Clement
  • Symons, George Gardner (Simon)
  • Tarbell, Edmund Charles
  • Tryon, Dwight William
  • Twachtman, John Henry
  • Vonnoh, Robert William
  • Wachtel, Elmer
  • Wachtel, Marion Kavanagh
  • Weir, J (Julian) Alden
  • Wendel, Theodore
  • Wendt, William
  • Whistler, James Abbott McNeill
  • Wiggins, Guy Carleton
  • Williams, Virgil Macey
  • Wores, Theodore
Marine Paintings
We are also purchasers of fine Marine art and would be interested in:
  • James Bard
  • Albertus van Beest
  • Maurice Braun
  • Alfred Thompson Bricher
  • Thomas Mickell Burnham
  • James E. Buttersworth
  • John Wilson Carmichael
  • Chinese School
  • Gustave Courbet
  • George Curtis
  • Montague Dawson
  • Antonio De Simone
  • William Raymond Dommersen
  • Charles Henry Gifford
  • George Parker Greenwood
  • William John Huggins
  • Antonio Jacobsen
  • Wilfred Knox
  • Henri Lebasque
  • Jonas Lie
  • Paul Lucien Maze
  • Charles Louis Mozin
  • Frederic Maulhaupt
  • T.M. Nicholas
  • William Edward Norton
  • Charles Robert Patterson
  • Jane Peterson
  • Charles Martin Powell
  • Robert Salmon
  • Henry Scott
  • John Scott
  • Tomaso de Simone
  • Henry Pember Smith
  • Thomas Jacques Somerscales
  • John Stobart
  • William Pierce Stubbs
  • Harry Vincent
  • Miles Walters
  • Samuel Walters
  • Thomas Whitcombe
  • Thomas Willis
  • William Gay Yorke
  • William Howard Yorke
Our Position on Buying Fine Art
All poetry and music, and art of every true sort, bears witness to man's continual falling in love with beauty and his desperate attempt to induce beauty to live with him and enrich his common life." - J. B. Phillips

At McDougall Fine Arts Galleries, we believe there is only one reason you should buy a painting­ -- because you love it. But why do you love that particular painting? Why are you drawn to a specific artist, when there are so many to choose from?

Acquiring a work of art is similar to purchasing a home or decorating that home. You naturally surround yourself with things that reflect who you are. Your education, your geographical location, your hopes and dreams -- even your disappointments and losses -- all influence your taste in art. It's easy to see that buying a work of art is both a statement as well as a commitment.

That's why, at McDougall Fine Arts Galleries, we don't just buy and sell paintings. Rather, our business is about an entire aesthetic. We have chosen to display works of art the way they were meant to be shown. Rather than row after row of paintings on stark gallery walls, each of our paintings i s h ung in a real room, in a real home. This allows each work to be what it was meant to be: a key element in an entire environment. Viewing paintings in our carefully designed settings is a unique and enriching experience.

But our commitment to you isn't contained within our walls. Years of experience has proven to us that there is one perfect place in every home for each work of art. Hanging even the most exquisite painting in the wrong place will detract from its beauty and lessen its effect. So, if you wish, it is our pleasure to help you hang any painting you acquire through us in just the right place. We'll even recommend any changes you can make to a room, such as repositioning furnishings, to optimize the impact of your painting. Don't just purchase a painting. Welcome that painting into your home and into your life. Surround yourself with the richness of color, texture and emotion that only fine art can provide.