American Portrait Paintings

What a joy it is to capture the likeness of another human being. It has been said that the eyes are the window through which we glimpse the soul.That's my favorite thing to paint - souls!" - Ann Manry Kenyon

If you enjoy portraits, perhaps you are fascinated by looking into the eyes of the subjects, trying to envision the souls within. At one time, painted portraits were the only means of capturing a person's likeness. Even today, despite all our advanced photographic technology, portraiture remains one of the most popular types of American painting.

The following is a representative list of American Portrait painters whose works we are interested in buying. The list is by no means complete; there are too many American Portrait painters to list them all.

If you are interested in selling a painting by any American Portrait artist, we'd love to hear from you.

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American Portrait Artists
  • Marion Boyd Allen
  • Margaret Fitzhugh Brown
  • Nicole Cartoto
  • Mary Cassatt
  • John Singleton Copley
  • Harold Dunbar
  • Thomas Eakins
  • Lydia Field Emmet
  • Freke Field
  • David Hatfield
  • Eastman Johnson
  • Frederic Maulhaupt
  • Raymond Perry Rodgers Neilson
  • William Paxton
  • Marguerite Pearson
  • John Singer Sargent
  • Julian Scott
  • Lydia Amanda Brewster Sewell
  • Gilbert Stuart
  • Thomas Sully
  • John Trumbull
  • Stuart Trumbull
  • Humphrey Woolrich