The Boston School

"What I know and feel about nature activates my painting." - Antonio Cirino

The Boston School is a term that refers to a regional genre of painting that arose in New England around the turn of the 20th century. Painters of The Boston School were, in broad terms, Impressionists. Highly influenced by the Dutch painter Jan Vermeer, however, they were more conservative and Academic in execution than the French Impressionists. As young men, these artists apprenticed under great Masters in Europe and then brought what they learned back home to New England.

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Boston School Artists
  • Frank Benson
  • William Churchill
  • Antonio Cirino
  • Joseph DeCamp
  • Gertrude Fiske
  • Ives Gammell
  • Philip Leslie Hale
  • Edward Wilbur Dean Hamilton
  • Robert Douglas Hunter
  • William Paxton
  • Marguerite Pearson
  • Edmund Tarbell