American Women Artists

I don't admit that a woman draws that well!" - Edgar Degas on Mary Cassatt

Life can be hard for any artist, but this may be especially true for women. American women artists often had to persist against great odds in what has traditionally been considered a male profession.

The following is a representative list of American Women painters whose works we are interested in buying. The list is by no means complete; there are too many American Women artists to list them all.

If you are interested in selling a painting by any American Woman artist, we'd love to hear from you.

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American Women Artists
  • Marion Boyd Allen
  • Cecilia Beaux
  • Theresa Bernstein
  • Nell Blaine
  • Gertrude Beals Bourne
  • Margaret Fitzhugh Browne
  • Mary Cassatt
  • Fern Isabel Coppedge
  • Eleanor Parke Custis
  • Lilllian Greene
  • Ellen Day Hale
  • Bessie K. Howard
  • Jeanie Gallup Mottet
  • Hariot B. Newhall
  • Margaret Patterson
  • Marguerite S. Pearson
  • Lilla Cabot Perry
  • Jane Peterson
  • Marion Powers
  • Claire Shuttleworth
  • Helen M. Turner
  • Martha Walter
  • Catherine Wiley