American Realism

To the beautiful belongs an endless variety. It is seen not only in symmetry and elegance of form, in youth and health, but is often quite as fully apparent in decrepit old age. It is found in the cottage of the peasant as well as the palace of kings.”
– George Caleb Bingham

Realist paintings celebrate the beauty in things just as they are, with nothing added or subtracted by the artist. From the height of Realism in the mid-19th century, Realist painters portrayed subjects in a matter-of-fact and non-idealized manner.If you are interested in Realism, you are among the many American collectors who cherish these qualities in art, and perhaps in the rest of your life as well!

The following is a representative list of American Realist painters whose works we are interested in buying. The list is by no means complete; there are too many American Realists to list them all.

If you are interested in selling a painting by any American Realist artist, we’d love to hear from you.

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American Realist Artists
  • Thomas Anshutz
  • George Caleb Bingham
  • John George Brown (British-American)
  • Thomas Eakins
  • Aaron Harry Gorson
  • William Sidney Mount