Antonio Cirino Information and Inventory

Antonio Cirino

(1897 - 1983)

Antonio Cirino


Long-lived and apparently totally dedicated to his art, Cirino was one painter I never had the opportunity to meet. He was certainly well-integrated into the fabric of the Cape Ann art community and of the Rockport Art Association. From all I’ve read about him, and several photos appearing in various publications, it seems like he was a genuinely nice man. I believe that Cirino’s best works were his smaller jewel-like canvases, 10" x 12" and smaller. His harbors, coves, and snowy street scenes of this size are often special—lush and spontaneous. My first piece of Cirino’s came in 1991 and was acquired from a young dealer who was one of the first to champion Cape Ann artists and was making a valiant effort to do so. However, as I understand it, she stopped paying consignors when their pictures were sold, instead using the funds for more acquisitions, which is a recipe for disaster—and that is exactly what happened. It is the uglier side of the art business. The second Cirino panel depicts a scene he did many times, altering the seasons, time of day, and figures along the street. It is Providence, Rhode Island, where he split his time with Rockport.

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