Arthur C. Goodwin Information and Inventory

Arthur C. Goodwin

(1864 - 1930)

Arthur C. Goodwin


City scenes have always held a special attraction for me, and obviously many other art collectors, because they are popular. A. C. Goodwin’s reputation is directly linked to Boston, as he is known as the primary chronicler of Boston streets, gardens and parks. Yet he spent ten years painting New York City, from 1920 until the end of his life, which is what this extraordinary “study in blue” is all about. I’ve always felt that Goodwin’s ultimate place in the pantheon of artists will be based on his pastels rather than his oils. It’s the pastels that are distinctive, original, and even when exhibited along side masters like Hassam, Metcalf and Weir, hold up very well. I’ve not seen any other work deal with so many subtle shades of a single color and do it so convincingly as this piece. The term “original” is often used; in this case, I genuinely believe it applies.

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