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Charles S. Chapman

(1879 - 1962)

Charles S. Chapman 


Chapman was a true illustrator and a fine artist. His work appears rarely, yet as a teacher with Harvey Dunn at their school of illustration in Leonia, New Jersey, he was well-known and respected. I first saw his work exhibited in the Salmagundi Club collection and found it uniquely puzzling and appealing. Color, texture, deep shadows, and sizzling light characterized his work, along with his love for trees and deep woods. I found this quintessential example, entitled In the Deep Woods and with a Salmagundi Club label. Chapman loved to create a sense of foreboding by placing small figures in a low horizon line, producing a sense of drama and immensity. I’ve owned this painting for more than twenty-five years; it still fascinates me, but if it were much bigger in size, I might think twice before walking through woods, especially at sunset.

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