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Hobart Nichols

(1869 - 1962)

Hobart Nichols 


This is another story of one that got away and came back later and at a higher price. I always had a fondness for Hobart Nichols’ winterscapes and harbor images. He was very active in most of the important art organizations of his day, serving as president of the National Academy of Design from 1939 to 1949. I saw this richly painted winter landscape in an auction around 1981 and, as I recall, was the disappointed under-bidder. Usually I try to dismiss the ones that escaped, but this one wouldn’t go away, and soon I discovered it again at Kolodny Gallery. I think as an act of self-inflicted financial pain and reminder not to “choke” when it counts, I bought the piece at close to twice its auction price. That hurt, but I love the picture. The second example by Nichols is a Gloucester scene and, like so much of his work, is understated in color key and deceptively simple and honest in composition. This piece was acquired in 1990. Later research uncovered that Hobart Nichols has a major Gloucester piece in the White House collection as well.

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