Mauritz F. De Haas Information and Inventory

Mauritz F. De Haas

(1832 - 1895)

Mauritz F. De Haas


A fascinating image encompassing steam, square rigger, traditional sail and row boats—virtually everything that floats—this painting by De Haas appealed to me immediately. Once again, Kennedy Gallery became the source of a truly wonderful 19th-century painting, this time by a Dutch-born and trained artist who immigrated to America in time to be involved in our Civil War. De Haas painted a number of massive marine scenes for Admiral Farragut depicting naval engagements during the war. For a comparatively small painting, this picture has many wonderful details, including a city in the distance, a very small image of a windmill (see if you can find it), and a very distinctive coastal watchtower. Is this scene along the Long Island coast as has been suggested? I’m not sure— what do you think?

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