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Paul Cornoyer

(1864 - 1923)

Paul Cornoyer 


Perhaps more widely known for his exceptionally well-drawn and composed New York City scenes, Cornoyer contributed significantly to Cape Ann art during the last decade of his life. This very personal and painterly image came to me around 1980. At the time, Cornoyer’s paintings other than New York City were not attracting much attention. I acquired this painting unaware of its significance but believed it was likely a Gloucester scene. At a gathering of friends and artists a year later at the home of Genevieve Wilhelm, a beloved long- time Rockport artist, I showed a photo of the painting to her and was told, to my delight, “That’s Cornoyer’s studio in East Gloucester. I know because it was my first studio when I came here.” Collectors thrive on this type of information. “Out of the mouths of babes,” what could such a pearl of wisdom have to do with Paul Cornoyer’s studio? My youngest son, at about five years old, had apparently studied this painting hanging on our living room wall and finally concluded what the painting was all about when he asked me, “Daddy, why is the lady in the red dress jumping off the roof?” Not an easily answered question, and I’ve never looked at this painting quite the same way again.

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