Paul Strisik Information and Inventory

Paul Strisik

(1918 - 1998)

Paul Strisik 


Paul Strisik was a talented artist, a very interesting person, and my friend. I met Paul in the late 1960s as I explored the Cape Ann art colony. I quickly realized that his interests and subject matter went beyond the picturesque scenes of Cape Ann, to include views of the Southwest and travels and images throughout Europe. I purchased the first example of Paul’s work directly from him, a won- derful still life entitled The China Rooster. During one of my visits to his gallery, we were talking, and I mentioned that my wife and I were going to poke around some antique shops later that day. Paul asked me to look out for those oddly shaped little things called “jacks” that were used in a child’s game; he wanted to use them in a still life he had in mind. I actually did find some and gave them to him, wondering what kind of still life composition would use jacks. Later in 2002, on July 4th (my birthday), to be exact, I received a birthday present of a still life with jacks, a silver baby cup, and fire- crackers, totally appropriate on many levels. The last example is a massive surf picture, probably painted in the late 1950s, which appeared at an upstate Maine auction in 2002. I felt it was an excel- lent example of Paul’s early work and acquired it. Over many years I always enjoyed stimulating con- versations with Paul about endless subjects relating to art and the art world. To me Paul Strisik was a dedicated, disciplined artist who maximized his natural talents as well as any artist I’ve known

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