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Samuel Hershey

(1904 - 1987)

Samuel Hershey 


Most likely known only by serious collectors of Cape Ann art, Sam Hershey is one of many dedicated, hardworking artists who painted, taught, did murals (some with the assistance of the W. P. A.), and studied with other generally better-known artists such as Aldro Hibbard (page 156) and William Lester Stevens (page 168). I had seen a small number of works, including pieces in the Cape Ann Historical Society, and owned by the town of Rockport, and found a singular quality to them that I liked. Though certainly not a “must own before I die” requirement, I did say to myself that I’d like a small but representative example of his work, and found this lushly painted street scene at a small New England auction house. I enjoy modest works that reflect the legacy and heritage of master teachers passing their skills and knowledge on to their students, and I felt that these qualities were evident in this little painting.

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