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Stanley Woodward

(1890 - 1970)

Stanley Woodward


 A sprightly, dapper, rather small man with a stylish mustache reminiscent of gallant fighter pilots depicted in movies is how I recall Stanley Woodward when I first met him in his Rockport studio. He would like this image, as later reading about his life indicated a fondness for the spotlight, Hollywood, and sporting celebrities. He was a serious artist, however, tending to focus on marine subject matter, especially night marines with very elusive light and reflections of the moon on the water’s surface. I recall very vividly during my visits that there was virtually no work left for sale: a few lesser pieces on the walls and whatever was on his easel that he was working on at that moment—in contrast to other artists of his age who typically had many unsold and perhaps unfinished canvases in their studios. I occasionally wondered years later whether it was best to have sold basically all of one’s lifetime out- put or to have a certain quantity left, perhaps carefully selected and set aside. The first marine image was purchased by my father in 1966, directly from Stanley, and nicely captures a night moon glow for which he was famous. The second larger example is likely representative of his work in the 1930s, and I frankly don’t recall where I found this picture—perhaps the racks or bins of the Rockport Art Association.

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